• Episode 23: Thots and Prayers

    Nick and Zach are back to cover the latest coronavirus updates (as of the recording). The main topic of the day is thots and women in general. We talk about […]

  • Episode 22: Freemasonry

    Nick and Zach break quarantine again and are back in the studio to talk about Freemasonry and why it is important to them. Zach gets his hands on the soundboard […]

  • Episode 21: MGTOW

    Incels rise up! Nick and Zach are discussing a topic requested by our listener, Andrew. We appreciate all suggestions and submissions. It keeps us from having to use our brains. […]

  • Bonus Episode 1: COVID-19 (aka Boomer Remover)

    Nick and Zach have broken quarantine to bring you a bonus episode regarding the coronavirus pandemic. In this episode we talk about how the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 […]

  • Episode 20: The Order of Chaos

    Nick and Zach spend this episode first; explaining why there has been a delay in production and second; what in the hell is the Order of Chaos that Zach keeps […]

  • Episode 19: Veterans and PTSD

    Nick, Zach, and Bryan are back in the studio to talk about the effects of PTSD on veterans. Nick tries to chime in as little as possible because the only […]

  • Episode 18: Excellence of Marijuana

    Nick, Zach, and Excellence (Yes, that’s his real actual name) discuss a topic near and dear to Excellence’s heart – the benefits of legalizing Marijuana. Nick tries to play devil’s […]

  • Episode 17: Police and CPS

    This week, Nick and Zach talk about police, authority figures, and child protective services. This episode was recorded a day after some friends had a personal run-in with CPS whose […]

  • Episode 16: Alcoholism

    The guys decided to basically have an intervention for each other which is always a good time. We talk about the hilarious and not-so-hilarious affects of over-consumption of alcohol. Nick […]

  • Episode 15: Gimme that Old Time Religion

    This week, the boys talk about old religions and how they integrated sex into their rituals and doctrines. It feels like it’s just another excuse for Zach to talk about […]